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We’ve been talking about travelling while we work for 10 years but it just never seemed like a responsible thing to do – quit my job, rent the house and hit the road…and it probably wouldn’t have been the responsible thing to do under those circumstances…but circumstances change, as ours did.

We’ve been doing home-based income-producing projects for years – for me, ever since I was 18 when I started selling Avon….many businesses followed. For David, he’s been working on online marketing projects ever since the computer came out. We both love working from home and love to work so being disciplined is not a problem. We are not really the ‘play’ type – we prefer to be working and creating something. We’ve never said we couldn’t wait for retirement. Retire means re-tire to us – time to do something else with some new treads.

Whenever the opportunity came up for us to travel, we took it. This longer-term travel opportunity showed up rather unexpectedly. In a nutshell, I left a great job for another great job (so I thought) in a completely different city only to find out it wasn’t such a great job. We had already rented our house out for 4 years to a bunch of university students just beginning their 4-year program and were temporarily living with our daughter until we found a place. We were now jobless (9-5 job, anyway) and homeless (we couldn’t live at our daughters until we figured out what we were going to do next). So, the most logical thing to do was use up our timeshare points, housesit and work on our computer-based businesses. This whole adventure started in July, 2019.

We were very fortunate in that we weren’t broke. We had money in the bank so we decided we’d move forward with our dream all along – to travel while working and doing school (I am completing an MBA). It was better than sitting around waiting for something to happen, and it was cheaper than renting an apartment in Vancouver while we waited. As I write this post, it is now October 27th and we are loving the travel-work life!

Godcidentily, during my quiet time this morning, I was reading my Bible and was directed to Luke 12:22-34 (my condensed version) – Don’t worry about what you will eat, wear or where you will live. Each and every day He will supply my needs as I seek His kingdom passionately above all else. I replied, “Ok, Lord”.

So our goal is to travel where ever God leads us, complete my MBA, work on our businesses (David is an editor and I am a web designer), meet amazing people and serve those God brings to us.

We thought we’d share our journey with whomever is interested and share tips and tricks we learn along the way. We don’t like to waste money or our time so we assume our readers don’t either. We will only give you the best of the best along the way.

We are just two travelling…